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Modified the @motionraceworks fuel pressure bracket to work a little smoother with my setup. The bracket would normally stand up out in front of the @417motorsports water manifold. The bracket got some death wheel and new holes so the FPR can lay down and send the return fuel back toward the engine. The fuel pressure side will line up pretty well. The RIFE sensor changed to the FPR so that I can monitor fuel temp and pressure. I'm going to monitor coolant pressure on the water manifold and I'll monitor coolant temps from the head. Cakes and pies. Turbo plumbing coming soon. Soonish... Procrastinators unit tomorrow! Motion Raceworks billet valve cover breather installation. Used the template, hogged out a hole with a drill press, ground out the inside and drilled a few holes. Don't mess up... don't mess up... Don't mess up... Whew, didn't mess up. The breathers are really stealthy and look great when you spot them. Hand sanding pie cuts kinda sucks. The not so glamorous parts of a build. 🤷 Maven quality is no joke. "Zero tolerance for mediocrity" and it shows. The mounts should make life a whole lot easier. Turbo placement is going into the bumper and a duct cut in straight to the turbo. The plan was to re-purpose the brake ducts but that's not going to work at all. I'll keep the brake ducts for the intended purpose of cooling brakes.