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The seller said it had electrical problems battery won't hold a charge and radio doesn't work. First thing I had to do was put new door hing pins in the driver door. It would sag and not close all the way leaving the switch on dome lights on draining battery. The door did improve but due to years of wear it still sags a bit. Just have to make sure the door is completely closed and light is not on or you could come out to a dead truck. As for the radio this pathy had front and rear factory amps located behind RR inside quarter panel. I removed the old amps since they did not work anymore anyway. I ran new wires from the new JVC KD-X360BTS deck to front kicker panels tapped door wires. Ran new wires to RR quarter panel tapped wires from old amp to rear speakers and now all works. I did have to remove the door panels and drop head liner to locate the speaker wires and verify colors to tap the right wires. So then I replaced all speakers while there. I put DTI DS66CK 6.5" components in the doors and DTI DS5760 5x7 coaxials in rear. The speakers are not the greatest, however sound good for how cheap they are. The JVC head unit is a very good buy from Amazon the output voltage for the sub amp RCA's is higher than most units helps your amp perform at peak levels.

Finished product.