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I am not sure if I want to lift my pathy or not at this point. I have lifted a vehicle in the past and not always been happy with the results. Sometimes there are new noises you have to live with. It just feels different. Parts aren't as cheap and easy to come by for repair. So I started researching the tallest widest I could put to give it that rugged look with no lift. I found basically 31x10.50x15 is no problem 32x11.50.15 with slight fender trimming. However I was not happy with the wheel style selections in 15" wheels. All the typical run of the mill same old same old seen of trucks for years. I wanted a more modern look like the newer Japanese SUV's are coming with today. However I am not happy with the offset the modern wheels have. Not concave enough looking for me. I also do not care for wheel spacers. They put extra stress on your wheel bearings and ball joints. I found these Level 8 MK6 wheels in a 16x8 -10 offset. I did not want to go 17, or 18 cause I like the look of the taller sidewall on an AT or MT tire. I decided to go with gun metal grey color since my vehicle has a grey stripe already and in my opinion the black wheels are just plain. I have had black wheels on another vehicle. You can't see as much detail in a nice wheel with black. I ordered red spline type lug nuts from ebay. 24pc 12x1.25 steel lug nuts only 18.99 + free shipping from CTM autoparts seller. Always make sure steel not aluminum. Aluminum is too soft and basically the inside threads shred off when you tighten them. Learned that the hard way years ago. The red really adds nice color and pops good against the gun metal wheels

. Now I started researching tire sizes. is very helpful for this. They do all the math for you to see what the change will be factory size to optional sizes. I decided on 265/75R16's since they are sort of between 31's and 32's. about the hight of a 32, and the width of a 31. I decided to try the Radar Renegade AT5's because I have had very aggressive MT's before and love the look. However the reality is I will most likely never go off road. The majority of my driving will be highway and street. When I had MT's in the past the humming on the highway almost sings me to sleep or gives me a headache. I also liked these tires since when I was in Japan I noticed them for sale at the dealerships. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by the smooth quiet ride of this cheap Chinese tire. I also really like the aggressive wrap around corner to sidewall on this tire. This is what I think has made some of the more expensive tires so popular. I suggest these tires if you want a functional budget AT looking tire. I am very pleased with these.

I did have to trim the back corners of the front fenders.

I drilled the bottom mounting bolt further back. Then cut the corner to the flat part of the inner fender so as not to make a hole in the cab. I then attached the plastic inner with plastic rivets from harbor freight. My pathy has front damage so rather than repair I cut the bent up floppy front corners prior to putting the tires on. So I really don't know if the front corner would have worked with no trimming or not for sure.

I have no rubbing now at all full turn. I have no lift. I did crank the front about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch just to level out a bit. I am leaving the fender flares off for now. I like the look of the larger space between the tires and wheel well. I think if I ever do decide to lift it. I might. I would then put the fender flares back on. I do like the look with them. I think without it looks more like a 2 dr truck with a camper shell. That's cool too for now.