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I have had a few question about the Heads-Up-Display in my car. Where did I get it. How Much does it cost, How does it work, and How do you install it. They are actually pretty cheap to buy, you can buy them on Amazon or Ebay. You can buy ones that work off of GPS, but the ones I like work off of the OBD II port and all are really easy to install. The hardest part of the install is calibrating the unit, each one is a little different and can take some time to set it up. Biggest issue I have with it is during the summer, because its is mounted near the windshield it can get hot and stop working. I use a sunshade in my car when I park it and I keep the car in a garage at home, so that helps. But sometimes when I am driving it will get too hot and stop working. I just turn the AC to blow up on the windshield for a few minutes and then it starts to work again. Other then that I am happy with the way it works.