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The Sonic exe game's rules Adam Gavigan created Sonic exe, a spooky adventure game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. A blue hedgehog needs your help to avoid traps and gather rings. Play this game right away to change into Exetior, a spooky variation of the blue hedgehog. This character is based on a haunted game disc in which the monster kills the main Sonic figures. He resembles Sonic in appearance. He is currently moving toward finding the real version and getting rid of him. You will travel through many different countries. You will run into a lot of enemies along the way, including motobugs, monkey guys, cactulas, fireworms, and armadiloids. You will perish if you unintentionally strike them. You can defend yourself from them by amassing rings. You won't perish even though you collide with the enemies and drop a few rings. However, colliding with enemies will result in your death once you run out of rings. To increase your longevity, try to assemble as many rings as you can. Obtaining power-ups from roadside item boxes is an additional method. Jump on any item boxes you see to knock them over and grab any power-ups they may contain. These bonuses will help you run more quickly or shield you from enemy damage. Nevertheless, as soon as you strike an enemy, their effects will vanish. You must exercise caution around roadblocks in addition to opponents. They could be spikes, lava, or water. The adventure will come to an end if you hit them. To get past them, you should jump as high as you can. The jump spring can be used to jump higher and farther. Detail: