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Nicky Case has produced a captivating game called We Become What We Behold. Pick what to include, then use a camera to record the tale of the Squares and Circles. Have you ever considered working as a producer or cameraman? Perhaps you lack the necessary circumstances to make these job ambitions a reality. However, by taking part in this game, you can hone your cameraman skills and learn how to capture all of the Squares and Circles events. Have you prepared? Make your decisions to create tension between the masses of Circles and Squares by first observing and catching simple misunderstandings between a Circle and a Square. To reach a wider audience, you can make it more prominent in the media. A small argument between a circle and a square can therefore become more challenging. You can select what to include in the frame and what to leave out. The rest of the Squares and Circles story is influenced by that. This intensifies the conflict between the circles and squares, sparking a vicious cycle of resentment and hatred that ends in violence. What distinguishes disapproval from rage from hatred? To learn, observe how the squares and circles respond. Website: