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Wortec Oil Pan Install

Since I started taking the car to the track I have noticed a little bit of oil burn half way through my 8 events, though not while I drive the car daily.  I believe this is due to sloshing of the oil, at Buttonwillow just after Cotton Corners is where I typically would get an oil warning due to the oil being low and the severity of the corners.  I looked at the available oil pans and found 3 different brands, Wortec UK, ECS & VEC (Vector Engineering Calibration).  All look up to the task with increased capacity, baffling and Wortec or VEC with finned exterior design.  All three use different materials and construction that is reflected in the pricing, Wortec uses Cast Aluminum ($540), ECS uses stainless steel T304 ($449), and VEC uses Billet T6 Aluminum ($900).  I considered the three options and rated the VEC #1 though due to the price I felt it was a poor choice.  So I went with my second choice which is the Wortec model. The removal and installation of the new oil pan took me approximately 2.5 hours of time, I was able to complete it with the car on four jack stands.  Prying off the old oil pan did take a lot of patience, with interchanging between the mallet and prying on the transmission side of the oil pan (*Don't pry with a screwdriver on the mating surface*).  Cleaning the mating surface took me about 45 minutes of my time, I did not want to rush this step since a clean surface will provide the best results.  I used plastic razor blades, a short narrow metal bristle brush and paper towels sprayed with brake cleaner.  The hardest two areas to clean due to clearance are at the back of the block due to another engine component and transmission side.  The installation of the oil pan was a bit awkward due to wanting to smear the gasket material from it touching the engine multiple times when I put it on.  Once on I used the torque chart below starting with hand tight then 8 NM then a 45 degree turn. Useful links: Volkswagen Workshop Manual Deutsche Auto Parts YouTube Video Torque Order: