HKS 3106-EX008 Catback

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HKS 3106-EX008 Catback






I purchased this exhaust and have had it on the car for about three months now. This is a very nice cat back, Quality Wise I was told, do not drive it in the snow because it may rust out because not everything is stainless steel but I am not driving it in the snow. The exhaust size and sound compared to stock are great. This exhaust with the stock down pipe is not very loud BUT it does rumble for sure. Sometimes the exhaust seems quieter than others but that may just be me. The exhaust does have a very nice tone when you do get on the gas. I expected it to be louder but It is not a cop magnet. The box it is shipped in is well padded and everything you would need to install this exhaust is included. Turn around time was very good and was at my house by the next day. I ordered it the previous afternoon. I would definitely recommend new hangers when you purchase a new exhaust. Drone as well was little to none and was not noticeable. It does not get hot enough to melt the bumper for me with the standard length hangers, Meaning you do not need extended length hangers.





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Getting the bolts and hangers off the original exhaust was the hardest part of the install. Everything else was smooth sailing from there. It helps to have two sets of hands but it can be done with one person. Just be ready to get dirty and say some four letter words.

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