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A New Family of CalipersBrembo launches innovative high performance aftermarket truck and SUV calipers

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In the mid 1990’s, company founder, Jaime Trimble was deeply involved in the Porsche community; buying, selling, and building Porsche 911’s and 930’s.His passion led him to start a business offering a line of performance upgrades for Porsche. As part of the company’s product line, he began producing “Big Brake Kits” by retrofitting Porsche OE Brembo calipers and discs to early model Porsches. These early brake kits proved to be very successful in the market due to the way they were designed and packaged for ease of installation. However, Jaime recognized that retrofitting OE components from one vehicle to another had its disadvantages and limitations so he began looking for better solutions.

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Before you buy, regardless of wheel size, you must confirm brake system to wheel clearance before purchasing a Brembo Performance system.These CAD drawings represent the clearance of an Original Equipment (left) brake system compared to a GT system with inadequate clearance (middle), and one with proper clearance (far right).

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The Subaru WRX STi is demanding on brakes due to the high COG (Center of Gravity), longer pedal stroke (pedal ratio), and the chassis balance which forces the front brakes to do a bulk of the braking work. Brembo performance and specific race systems are designed with each specific application and the chassis requirements in mind. This specific 4 piston Brembo Racing system using a 328 x 35 mm disc for the Subaru WRX STi was designed specifically to help clear most 17″ wheels and with a true motorsport application in mind (Touring Car Racing). Understanding that each chassis, team, driver pairing is different: all the variables were considered when engineering a race system for a professional team racing in a professional series versus an OEM type or aftermarket system designed for a wide range of operating environments that a road system would experience to the occasional rigors of a track day.

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Love Brembo? Earn 3x Mod Score Points! - Wheelwell

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We’re excited to announce our partnership with a world leader in performance braking products, Race Technologies. Who is Race Technologies?? Race Technologies is the Official Partner to Brembo Performance and Racing for the Americas so if you’re looking for the ultimate in stopping power on the road or the track you can now find all all those products in Wheelwell. Sign in and go to your Garage to see if there is Brembo Big Brake Kit that will fit your ride!!

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