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Captain Slow in my Rear View Mirror. I've become an accidental 1980's car aficionado. German Shepard and Yorkie Owner.

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Pasco, WA

Mk2 20Vt Widetrack Volkswagen Golf

[]Jake Raleigh

This car is a blast to drive and is put together nicely! GLWS, hate to see it go though...

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Got my car back a different color!

I left for my honeymoon a couple of  ago and while I was there my brother asked to used my car beca

[]Skylar Siegel

Such a rad story.

[]Robert Sixto

That's a great look!

[]Diverse Motors

Thats a sick looking mk2 🤨

[]Rafael Mendoza

Thank you!

[]Ian Carson

Damn looks nice

[]Rafael Mendoza


[]Val Watson

Lucky you!

[]Tabitha Blagdon

your brother is awesome. like the grey too - looks good.

[]Chad Ploski

Thats awesome....my brother would have brought it back to me with an empty gas tank! Congrats!

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[]Yves Vds

Nardo gray, such a wonderful color! Car looks great!!

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