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        Vital Stats: * 87+: which is cool. * Price: Priceless.  But also $500, less the change on the floor. * Drivetrain: MR * Current engine: 4AGE. * Louvered air intakes: Yup. * Speedometer: Nope. * Auto-to-manual conversion: Yup. * Rust: Nope.  (central valley yo!) * Paint: Yup. * Oil pressure gauge: Nope. * Tach: Yup. * Brakes: Nope. * Rod knock: Yup. * Idle: Nope. * Cracked plastic trim bits: Yup, they are almost 30 though. * Headlights: Poppin'. * Wheels: Triangles. * Tires: MAYRUN. * Suspension: Ebay springs. * Angles: All of them.

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        []Rainy Dangers

        A comprehensive list of stuff I need: A transmission some transmission mounts, an engine, some engine mounts, ODB2 shite, a reasonable suspension, some functional axles, some Kosei K5R wheels.

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