263 HP
280 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3245 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
18/25 MPG

Of all the cars I have previously owned, this one is by far my favorite! I had previously been on the hunt for a tuner car, spurred on by my memories of playing Gran Turismo and my love of Initial D. At the time I had a Pontiac G6 GTP, which was an ok car, but it didn't do it for me. I stumbled across this Mazdaspeed 3 as I was checking the local dealer. It was on the back lot as they must have just acquired it. I waited for the day they put it on the lot, it only had 50K mi on it, but it was slightly out of my price range. I kept my eye on it for two weeks, and that's when it happened. The dealer dropped the price as an internet deal and it was firmly within my budget! It was a Friday afternoon, and by Monday morning it was mine! I previously promised myself that I would just enjoy the car and not mod it. That didn't last long... You can check out my mods list here or go to my website or YouTube page and actually watch them being installed!  If anyone were to ask me if they should buy a Mazdaspeed 3, the answer is always YES! or Miata. Depends on the day...

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....where my Mazdaspeed 3 went? It's right here, back from a trip to someplace to get something don

[]Marcus Milligan

That’s a great looking two car garage, always liked the speed 3

[]Randy Gross

Thanks! The Speed 3 will be a keeper, its a great car stock, even better modded. Constantly keeps a grin on my face when I drive it!

Discuss this build

[]David David

Very nice man. Question, I'm thinking of getting the same exact wheels for my '13 speed3. What size did you go with? When I looked into them on tirerack.com it stated that I would need a slight fender roll to fit the 18x8s. I know the offset is slightly different from stock but I don't know enough about wheel fitment to gauge from numbers if there'd be an issue.

[]Randy Gross

If you are at stock ride height there isn't a problem. I added coilovers and lowered it about an inch below stock and still no problems. I am going to lower it further and in the rear it might need a slight roll. But at stock height I noticed no rubbing in over a year.

[]David David

Thank you sir. I went ahead and got them and installed them. I have the CS springs with a 1.2" drop in the front and 1.0" drop in the rear and the wheels fit great.

[]Randy Gross

Good stuff! Make sure to give them a good waxing. It will help them stay clean.

[]David David

Thanks, will do! I think I have some wheel protection stuff laying around somewhere that I may try too.

[]Riley Evans

Do you have forged internals?

[]Randy Gross

Not in the current motor. There is a plan to buy another motor and rebuild it with forged internals (whoops! let the cat out of the bag!).

[]Chris Dirkschneider

I actually like these Mazdaspeed3's! Great color too. As for hot hatches, this is one of the better ones!

[]Randy Gross


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