Project TrailBastard. The vehicle no one loved. This Trailblazer was bought as a weekend home projects hauler/errand vehicle for the family business. Over time the projects dwindled and the business really didn't need many errands, so it sat for months. I was able to get my hands on it for a screaming deal (free actually) but it was in need of lots of repairs after months of abuse and who knows what. It was already in sad shape when it was purchased used and didn't see much love other than oil changes when it was used by the family business. Worn suspension, bad tires, alot of things didnt work, etc... So I did what any guy who was given a 4WD SUV would do.... I lifted it and decided to make something fun! List of mods includes: 2" suspension lift from Rough Country Moog 81112 Front Springs Moog 81069 Rear Springs (Tahoe Z71 Rear Springs) Bilstein HD 4600 Front Shocks Skyjacker N8030 Rear Shocks Moog Ball Joints Various fixes and repairs Now its my crappy weather/winter beater that can also handle some trails!

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