Product review

What made you choose this particular product?

I got them for a very good deal from a friend, and I needed to replace the stock seats with something more comfortable.

Is this your first time buying from this brand? Did you consider other brands?

First time. I did research other brands, but the choices are slim for an NA Miata because of the tight confines of the passenger compartment.

Was it easy to install? Any installation tips that will help others?

Easy install. The seats came with the Corbeau sliders. It was a bolt-in.

Once you've had a chance to use the product, did it meet your expectations?

Once I got used to the seats, they hold me in place quite well. The side bolstering isn't too aggressive, you can still use the stock seatbelt.

Any additional comments?

The base of the seats fit, but the upper side bolster wings will be very tight against the side panels of the door.

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