184 WHP
137 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2019 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)

2018 - Hello, my friends and I purchased this car back in May of 2018 and are slowly prepping it to become the second car of our endurance racing team 3rd Gear Pulls. We have learned a lot about what not to do building our CRX over the past three years and that has paid dividends during this cars build. As seen in the pictures, the car has been gutted in preparation for a roll cage to be fitted and the poor JDM B16A that was fried by the previous idiot, I mean owner, has been pulled to make way for our GSR cylinder headed LS/VTEC. The car came with just the B16A bottom end and a sweet JDM Si-R LSD transmission, which will be heading off for new synchro's soon. We have completed the suspension and brakes while we wait for the cylinder head to come back from Extreme Speed in Oak Creek, WI and for the block to be assembled by King Motorsports in New Berlin, WI. (King Motorsports has done some amazing work for my personal cars and for both this Civic and our CRX. They are THE best when it comes to high performance Honda's, hands down.) Once the head an block are back, we should have the car back on four wheels and under it's own power again. More pictures to be uploaded as this build progresses. 2019 - Sorry for the delay, I know it's been a while since I updated this car. We have been extremely busy with finishing up this build and the pics are now up. This beauty came out of the gates swinging and in its first race took 1st in A class, 4th over all out of 67 entrants and 8th best lap time of the day on 10/19/19. (not bad for sub 1800cc at RA!) Despite being a bit short on fuel to run flat out, we were still able to sail to a mostly uneventful first in class. In fact, within the last fifteen minutes, we lost 3rd place over all to the hard charging Toyota Supra of Nine Four Motorsports. Eventually, running out of gas on the final lap, we still were towed across the line with a large enough margin to claim 1st in A class and 4th overall. The next day however, would be a little less uneventful. Within thirty minutes of the start of the day on 10/20/19, in changing semi wet conditions, I put this brand new build into the wall in turn 7. I simultaneously ran out of both grip and talent. The driver's frame rail was pushed back and we couldn't get it to line back up, despite huge help from fellow teams and our crew. Luckily, the damage was no problem for Don's Auto Body in West Allils, WI. The car has been yanked back into shape and is ready for some new sheet metal. Thanks to everyone on the team for their huge effort to make a two car team a reality. We are aiming for three races next year and a two car effort at least one event at Road America. 2020 - For next year, other than getting the bumper and sheetmetal modified and bolted back on, we will be making a few key modifications that we just didn't have enough time complete before race back in October. Firstly, we are going to swap out the old AZ mounts for some fresh Hasport race mounts. This should help move the engine and drivetrain back and lower in the engine bay for better clearance and weight distribution. Next a slight modification of the fuel filler to gain back some of the fuel capacity that was lost when we had to last minute modify our fuel system at tech inspection. Lastly, we will be swapping the Koni/ H&R suspension off of the CRX to the Civic hatch. Road America Best Lap: Randy Ratzlow - 2:51.133 (2019 Champcar Frozen Rotors Winter Classic) The 3rd Gear Pulls are: Joe Heitz Shawn Lindberg Cameron Lucas Randy Ratzlow Ryan Ratzlow Mickey Salzmann Casey Salzmann David Valpano

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