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CV Joints and Axels

These things I don't have much experience, but I'm researching what I want for My EV I'm calling th

[]Tom Armstrong

I have run my stock axles at probably a 20% power increase, R-compound tires, wheel-spin like crazy at times, and put 196k on them. Never made a noise or had a torn boot. The car was lowered on coilovers for a while too and not one problem. With that said I beleive the breakage occurs when launching, so just try to be easy on them. Give the Driveshaft Shop a call maybe​

[]Raymond Hardy

Okay. Thanks for the info.

homepage tile photo for Here is My Ebay Profile Got parts from my Car for sale
Here is My Ebay Profile Got parts from my Car for sale

Link:https://www.ebay.com/usr/raymonddragonhardy I would greatly appreciate it if you'd share this

homepage tile photo for Crown Vic 17-18
Crown Vic 17-18

Had the poor thing for only a year and now its off to the scrappers, truly a shame. I'll miss it bu

[]Gregory Garoppolo

Sorry for your loss. What happened? Crown Vics are tough cars!

[]Raymond Hardy

Lost a wheel Tore up a decent amount under the car. Didn't look horrible at first glance, but more things were screwed up than I thought.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

Ouch! Good luck recuperating your loss on Ebay and finding a suitable replacement. Hopefully after the dust clears you have a better car than the one you lost.

homepage tile photo for Ebay's Car fittment list, How Do?
Ebay's Car fittment list, How Do?

So I got most of the parts off of my crown vic by now, going to post them on Ebay, but the lists fo

[]Jeff Bowman

It’s probably on their end .

homepage tile photo for Not Cover By Insuarnce, Tirerack Won't Claim Responsiblity.
Not Cover By Insuarnce, Tirerack Won't Claim Responsiblity.

So according to my insurance, I'm not covered by their policy because they coun't the wheel falling

[]Robert Sixto

Damn man, sorry to hear that.

[]Raymond Hardy

I just saw Five of the throttle-body on my car go for $5K on Ebay... Maybe I should part it out... And that's each!

[]Ernie Szots

If that's the case, it's really something to consider. Bummer situation but maybe you can turn it into a positive...

[]Raymond Hardy

Yeah, working on getting some garage space to tear it down. Wonder why those throttle bodies are going for so much? Some of the interior trim is going for that kinda money too.

homepage tile photo for Looking like I might have to talk to my Insurance
Looking like I might have to talk to my Insurance

So Tirerack is still denying blame even with mechanic, review. Hell denying ever received the messa

homepage tile photo for Anything that Anyone Wants to Sell me for a Dollar
undefined wanted


Edinburgh, IN

Anything that Anyone Wants to Sell me for a Dollar

Figure with just the right thing comes around that you want to be rid of, tell me what it is and if

homepage tile photo for Pictures I've Taken of the nonsense with my Wheeel
Pictures I've Taken of the nonsense with my Wheeel

All the pics I've taken so far, What do you think happened? I got some local mechanics sending thei

homepage tile photo for New Wheels, had One Fall off
New Wheels, had One Fall off

Okay, so those new wheels I got, one fell off while doing my road test, they were torqued down to s

[]Jessica Pomerleau

It fell off? That's crazy! I can't see why it would come off if torqued correctly... I've never dealt with TireRack so hopefully for you, they have good customer service. The only thing I can think happened is that maybe possibly some of the lugs weren't torqued, and it's nothing personal just human error!

[]Gregory Garoppolo

That seems unreasonable of Tire Rack. Perhaps they have an alternative idea that we have not yet uncovered that would better explain this predicament... perhaps your car is so powerful that it tore its own wheel off?

[]Raymond Hardy

That'd be a nice story, but I doubt it.

[]Antoni Dabrowski

Yikes that’s scary

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[]Jeff Bowman

That freaking sucks man! I’ve dealt with Tire Rack for a long time and they have always fixed any mistakes they make very quickly!

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homepage tile photo for Got My Wheels & Tires Today
Got My Wheels & Tires Today

They look good, about to go put them on, they are Enkei Draco wheels and Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X t

homepage tile photo for Okay got a Bit stupid
Okay got a Bit stupid

So I just ordered an extra spot light, some vents to put in my body, I kinda know what I'm doing th

homepage tile photo for EV=$$$$$$

So went about seeing what it would actually take to have my car converted to EV with the specs I'd

homepage tile photo for Stupid Idea That I Should get Talked Out of
Stupid Idea That I Should get Talked Out of

Now the bad thing about being stuck off of work for so long is that I start getting stupid ideas. A

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I would highly advise against that unless you have a real reason for needing the dimensions and pictures of every little thing on the car. There are so many little pieces that you might not be aware of to get lots of dimensions from.If I were you I would find something else to do in your spare time.

[]Raymond Hardy

See this is why I knew I needed to be talked out of it. Thank you! As for a reason, I just want a really detailed 3d model of a crown vic, and have a better idea on how to make homebrew parts fit.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

It wouldn't surprise me if a pretty detailed model of a Crown Vic already existed. I know a lot of people like to pull 3D car models from video games and import them into a 3D modeling program. I can look around at some of the typical 3D model websites and see if I can find one for you.

[]Raymond Hardy

You don't need to do that now. Ya already managed to talk me out of doing the stupid thing. But thanks!

[]Timothy Markworth

Don't do it, man. Think of how much time that will take and how tedious it will be.

homepage tile photo for undefined

So I haven't been up on this site for a while the main reason for that is because I have been sick

[]Ernie Szots

Hope the doctors get the medical issues sorted for you soon!

[]Raymond Hardy

Me too

homepage tile photo for Teeth>Truck

Well The truck isn't happening, I just Busted a tooth. This sucks!

[]Collins Peter

I like it

homepage tile photo for undefined

Okay I just had a silly build Idea. Tractor pulling/ Wheelie Minivan. Don't know why I want to do t

homepage tile photo for Maybe Getting A Truck soon
Maybe Getting A Truck soon

So if all goes well this weekend I should Get an 86 s10 for a parts hauler for $200. Does need to h

[]Hayden Baker

Should be a good little truck. Had a similar problem with my full size pickup from the same era. They're super easy to work on. Loved mine. Just needed the room so I had to sell it. They're not very complicated and they were very popular so easy to keep going. Nothing specific to look for really.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Do you know what motor it has in it it? They are solid little trucks so I think that as long as you have all of the maintenance up to date then it should serve you well. People are saying the swap the engine but if it's just for hauling parts then there's no need to.

[]Raymond Hardy

It has the 2.8lv6, something is up with the fuel systems sounds like the ICM from what the owner is saying it's doing, that or the injector's borked. If that's the case I can get it to drive, to the point I can grab a throttle body off of a 4.3l TBI and it should bolt up. easier than taking the throttle body apart to get to the injector.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

The ICM is a super easy fix. If I recall it's 2 bolts and 1 plug to get the module off the top part of the firewall and it costs like $20. If you're going to get a 4.3 TBI unit I'd suggest doing the TBI mods (tbichips.com/?page_id=217) to improve throttle response and power.

[]Raymond Hardy

I'll definitely have to keep that in mind.

[]Jake Johnson

5.3 LS if the engine starts to give problems. Can get the motor, trans, and everything to run it for about 500 in most areas

[]T!J! Hisaw

Buy a 5.3L LM1. Just swap it out the gate. Junkyards should have them for sale for $400 or less. Get a walbro 255 fuel pump. Add Turbos. Job done.

homepage tile photo for undefined

So I manage to catch bronchitis so I'm stuck in the house. So I've been playing games. Some of whic

homepage tile photo for Crown Vic Frame Ref
Crown Vic Frame Ref

So I'm trying to use Onshape to design a new frame for the body of my car to sit on. Still thinking

homepage tile photo for undefined

So I think I finally decided what i want to do with my Crown Vic. Just a comfort cruiser, switch to

[]Jordan Shuster

Planning is a big step in the build process! Sounds like you have a pretty good direction.

Converting it to electric could have some interesting results, but from what I know, that can be a lengthy (and expensive) process. Do whatever makes you happy! I'm all about weird/unconventional builds, so seeing an electric Crown Vic would be really cool!

[]Raymond Hardy

Yeah, been looking into it more seriously today. Now I know why the Tesla is so expensive. I do know my work has a connection to a battery company, so with any luck I can strike a deal. but even with lead acid it is very expensive. Regardless I still wish to do it. Just need some much more clever thinking.

[]Jordan Shuster

Best of luck man!

homepage tile photo for undefined

So I'm back to being more active on this site, updating with mods I have done to it sense I was las