512 HP
376 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3152 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
12 MPG

After years of buying "lesser" vehicles and modifying the crap out of them, I finally decided to go all in and get the exotic.  Mind you the impending marriage (and future kids(s)) made it about the last opportunity to obtain the dream ;)   I'd been watching Ferrari F355s for ages and even came close to buying one a few times (I remember sitting at the desk of a loan officer at my local credit union waiting for the call from Ferrari of Seattle about their trade-in offer on my 996TT and then basically crying after the insane lowball offer was given, killing the chance).  Once I got super serious I decided I had to go more modern to lessen repair costs (and chances of bankruptcy), which meant a much higher buy-in cost.  I sold my beloved '93 RX-7 for a down payment.  Choices came down to the Ferrari 430, Gallardo, and Audi R8.  The R8 was the logical choice as it's a Gallardo underneath, better put together, and IMHO better looking than either.  However if this was going to be the swan song for me, why would it be a mere Audi?  So it came down to the 430 and the Gallardo...with the Gallardo ended up winning out as I always had a Lamborghini on my wall as a kid and the thought in my head that hopefully the Germans put some of the car together.   The Gallardo had to be a '06-08 model as the '04-05s had ridiculously long gearing and a shitty quiet exhaust-design and the '09+ got the later 5.2L V10 that gave up the split crankpins and as a result sounded worse.  After an exhaustive search I found a bone stock '06 with the coveted and rare gated 6-sp at Lamborghini of Dallas.  I worked a weird deal with local Cats Exotics where they bought my 700whp '14 GT500 and brokered the deal with LoD.  They took my GT500 on a Friday and then the following Monday I flew to Dallas to pickup the Gallardo.  After that I drove the car 2200 miles back home!  So not only can I say that I own a Lamborghini, but also that I've done a 2200 mile roadtrip in one :-)

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[]Jay Vong

a good choice.

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Truly inspiring story man! Awesome car, Enjoy

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