Down here in Toronto eh we have summer for 4 months and the rest is freezing fucking weather. The Lexus IS250 awd accommodates for a sleek look with rims during summer and predictable reliability and drivability during the rough ice storm season. The low cost in maintenance and superior durability make up for the piss poor gas mileage I get from this small V6 displacement engine. The sport mode makes up for the auto magic transmission while still imagining that this vehicle was an ISF. Perfect for the young professional who eventually will end up with a small family. Once there’s more than one kid it’ll be time to transition to the dreaded, dare I say it....mini van or SUV for those who can budget it in with their growing family. Overall rating of 8/10 for this long term driver report. -1 for not having a manual transmission with leather trim and -1for not being an ISF in general.

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