110 HP
100 LB-FT
Curb Weight
1950 LB
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type

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[]Dave Qiu

Hi Reza, I saw Matt Farah's one take on your car and really liked it. Is your car still for sale? (89 EF civic)

[]Jason O'Connell

What's your bottom dollar I have been looking for a clean ef9 for a while. A lot of them have been destroyed especially on the east coast lots of rust.

[]Blake Wanser

What kind of weight reduction have you done besides AC removal and smaller battery? 1950 is pretty light for what looks like a full interior.

[]Chad Unten

Just saw the Smoking Tire episode too...car looks and sounds amazing !!!!

[]Dan Brooks

Yep, Like all the other dudes I saw your One Take and that made me go to wheel well to see what you had on your ride. I'm really curious about the weight. Is it 1750 or 1950? I thought 1750 sounded a bit too light for one of these. lol

[]Gerardo Fernandez

Car is super clean man!!. I liked the one take video. Runs and handles great

[]Jesse Sammons

Nice car, just watched Matt's one take of it and pretty much lines up with other civics I have driven. If I was getting a FWD it would be one of these or a CRX

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