433 HP
339 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3278 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.7 L
Transmission Type
Standing Quarter Mile
12.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.5 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG

I've owned this car just over 2 years when I got the car it was completely stock a true 1 owner car. My plans were to have a car that would have a respectable performance baseline to start with. I am originally from Philadelphia and now reside in California so I knew if I took my hustle mentality for cars and networking with people and directed it towards this build I knew I could have a really fun car that others could enjoy and I could drive. The car went through many phases first and for most the performance so I went with bolt ons and got a dyne tune making 313whp & 276wtq N/A... 3months later I added the Stillen SuperCharger kit which I like for many reasons but it came in at 433whp and 339wtq. I added ISC Suspension 32way fully adjustable coilovers SPC front & Rear Camber kit Stillen Front Sway bar. Next came the paint and body which I chose the Power House Amuse full body kit and custom paint by Andy of Elite Auto Body which i decided to go with Nissan silver with Gold Flakes in the paint to make it have a subtle but refined look also adding custom black accents. Lastly was the audio & Visual adding a Pioneer double din TV and rockford fosgate P3 12inch sub into my custom Zenclosure subbox. I also added Alpine type R door speakers and components. I started with ESR SR04 wheels because they were affordable but it was killing my build quality so I opted for some Work Wheel Emotion CR KAI. I wanted to compete in the large shows of California the ones we (my Philly car enthusiast) used to read about online and in Superstreet Magazine and other publications so my first goal was to see if my car was able to qualify and before I knew it I was being accepted into every show from Wekfest, Blox, AutoCon, HIN, Racewors which I won Best Nissan and with great pleasure in saying this The SF Auto Salon.

Discuss this build

[]Elijah Morgan

Just curious how many miles had this engine been boosted for?

[]Yao Xiao

Love your car, saw it at SF auto show, hope to see you around NorCal tracks sometime

[]A BC

Honest question, how are you only doing 0-60 in 4.5 and 1/4 in 12.9 with a 3300lb 430 wheel hp car? Are you at altitude or is gearing an issue or something? I really dig your build, one of the most tastefully done Z's I've seen, but I'm having a hard time making sense of those numbers. I'd think you would be close to a second faster in the 1/4 at least.

[]Richard McMickens

Just tryna stay honest my friend numbers could be better give or take but who's keeping track 😎

[]Bryz 370Z

Love your Z just got mine this past Nov trying to see where to start like the path you've taken young jedi the force is strong with you both lol.

[]Richard McMickens

Thanks brotha

[]Damien Forster

Where did you get the DBZ decal?

[]Chris A

Very Nice! It was great to see this in person at the Auto Salon!

[]Kelvin Tso

Nice clean build brah!

[]Richard McMickens

Thanks Kelvin

[]Richie Day

I like your car a lot because it has a lot simple clean mods! I think it stands out more this way. Looks GREAT!

[]Richard McMickens

Thanks brother I appreciate it!

[]Bram van Damme

Damn sir, That is one tight looking machine!

[]Richard McMickens

Thanks Bram

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