181 hp @ 5,500 rpm HP
177 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm LB-FT
Curb Weight
2,679 lbs LB
Engine Size
1.6 L 4-cylinder L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26/34 MPG
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        I bought it new from a MINI dealer in 2013. Bought it off the lot.  I put on a set of Borrani wheels that I had on my 2007 R56. The Borrani distributer drew my name out of a hat at MINIs in the Mountains 2010. They custom made them for my at their factory in Milan. One of them got T-boned by a lady in an Accord, so the factory wheels are back.  

  The run-flat tires have been replaced by Michelin Pilots. Love the Michelin's, they're so much better than the run flats that BMW seems to think we all should have. If you have a MINI, and it still has run flat tires, replace them with non-run flats the next time you buy tires -- you'll be glad you did.   The brakes are good, from the factory.

 I want to paint on the calipers, either Red or Black. Tower braces seem like a easy, if perhaps pointless mod -- all the cool cars seem to have them.  I'm researching coilovers, ÖHLINS Road & Track seem like the ones to get -- but I'm still pondering. The suspension is stiff and I'd like to get something that will make the ride a little more comfortable -- without changing the handling too much.  The car doesn't seem to want for power. It's not a JCW, just an "S", but when I punch it -- it moves well enough for a daily driver. Put it up on a lift and it's really dry for a MINI. It does not seem to consume oil, like a lot of MINI's do. It only took MINI seven years to get this engine right. I've had mine since April 2013 and it's been a painless experience -- if you discount getting lot damage in a mall, getting the suspension t-boned by a lady in an Accord and getting rear-ended by a van.  It has an automatic with paddle shifters, which I like more than I thought I would. My last MINI was a manual, the automatic is easier to live with. It is faster than the manual.

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        Stiff ride

        Post by Rick Roberts...

        []Ernie Szots

        Wow LOL!

        []Rick Roberts

        This car was reviewed by just about every car writer/youtube'r as having great handling, but a stiff ride that's almost too much to live with. Eighteen months into ownership I went to a dealership service open house. I got to get under the lift with one of the service techs. I asked him to show me the suspension. He shined his flashlight into the strut well and found these packing doughnuts -- which he removed. The car ships from the UK with these and they're supposed to be removed by the dealer on delivery. My coupe was much easier to live with when I drove out of the service bay.

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        Throttle body cleaning

        Amazing difference at 38k. I highly recommend it.

        []Rick Roberts

        No, my dealership did it for me. $200. The car exhaust smelled bad for a few days and I saw white smoke, but it cleared up. The payoff was a more responsive throttle pedal.

        []Jordan Evans

        Was it difficult?

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