230ish HP
2.0l Turbo Flat 4 EJ205
3,050 lbs

I was looking to get some kind of a sports car my second year in college. I had saved up some money and was looking at BRZ's. Everything I was looking to buy was not great condition and not worth it for a daily driver. I saw this car (bone stock) pop up but it was a 5 hour drive away in Las Vegas. Because a WRX wagon or hatchback had always been my dream car for a daily driver and this example was in such great condition, I didn't let the distance deter me. I had a local friend check it out. It passed his inspection so I flew out, bought the car, and drove it home. I have grown up quite a bit with this car and have owned it for a few years now. I have loved slowly modifying it with the small budget I have for parts, slowly chipping away at my future goals. I buy almost everything for this car used because I would rather get a nice part used than put a cheap part that won't last on the car. It just crossed over 100k on my move to Idaho and now is still used as a daily driver. I will continue to evolve it into a perfect daily driver with canyon carving abilities with subtle, tasteful cosmetic enhancements. My hope is to one day do a full sti swap and build a true sti wagon the US never got.

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