Originally built in the 1970s by a German who moved to Florida, USA. The car went through a couple of owners before my grandfather came into owning it. My grandma made him buy it to save it. It was found crushed under the car port that had collapsed on it in the 1980s. They fixed up all of the fiberglass body and had a custom ragtop made. The car was a kit. It was built on a 1957 VW Beetle chassis with a fiberglass body. It had a 1200 single port Volkswagen engine in it that made about 40 HP. When I was six years old, my grandpa taught me how to rebuild a carburetor. Then it began. Within three years, I had built a VW 1600 Dual port four barrel carbureted air cooled 50ish HP monster of an engine (sarcasm). The engine was put into the car and the rest of the running gear was then tackled until I was thirteen. I moved away from my grandparents and in with my mom. The car sat in a garage at a lake house on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Undriven, unloved, untouched. My grandparents always told me that they would give it to me as a present for my sixteenth birthday. I was 17 when the car finally came back into my possession, but not as mine to own. I was instructed by my grandmother to find a buyer. Nobody wanted my little convertible kit car. The body was immaculate, the engine was made with love. Yet nobody wanted a non-original car. It finally went to auction. The starting bid was $2,500. One person bid and won the car for $2,500. A car valued at over $5,000. A car selling in other areas in worse condition for $5,000 or more. My first love was gone and for almost nothing. I don’t even get any of the money that it was sold for. I still have a mirror from the little car. And I think I may put it on my Lexus some day.

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