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I've been in the motor trade for 33 years first 3 years as a mechanic and the rest as a paint sprayer. I'm in to all sorts of car's and also a passion for scooters

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Celica Gt Gti16 I ran this car for over ten years and absolutely loved it, but as i live by the sea

[]Robert Sixto

I always wondered about that, the salt from the sea gets them that badly huh? I thought the road salt they put down here in winter would be way worse.

[]Rob Collins

Yes you are probably right and it was 27 years old so it did well but I don't think getting sea water helped either

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My mates schwinn project Dry build, hot rod style

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Update on Celica I've had to buy new wheels and tyres so I can fit the big calipers, ultralite r5 8

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Something weird

This Volvo has been sitting in a corner of one of the warehouses in work, it has a belt driven tran

[]Yves Vds

OMG, I have never seen this one on the road. A CVT transmission? Ahead of its time!! But come to think of it, we had a Volvo 340DL with a CVT too, back in the day.

[]Rob Collins

That would be something to see

[]Hunter Overton

Dang i need this for a ls swap

[]Rob Collins

It says 66 on the back

[]Rob Collins

It belongs to my boss, he would probably let me have it but I have no time for another project. Still I have thought of things you could do with it like some kind of big engine mod but really it should be saved just how it is

[]Daniel Maxwell

343? What a strange and interesting piece of history

[]Kit Lau

Should find out whose Volvo it is :D

[]Andrew Johnson

Wow, that's a find! Gotta love those crazy swedes

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Front brakes

Modified St205 calipers over Is300 rotors (disc's in the uk) with custom bore rings

[]Rob Collins

Thanks, I have got big plans for this project so it's going to take a while to save up for all the parts. The first of which is to get a new set of wheels to clear the calipers.

[]Basir Khan

Nice! Can't wait to see them on the car. Be sure to add those along with any other mods to your Installed Parts list :)