As with any lower priced RX-8, there’s a little tlc needed, but this is my 2nd RX-8 so I’m pretty familiar with the mechanics of em’. I’m hoping it should go somewhat smoothly. I’ve loved cars since I was in Kindergarten, but I was really into Porsche’s, and my fathers Red 93’ VTEC Honda Prelude, Lol. Then, I saw my first RX-8 at like 7 years old in NFS Carbon (best car game ever, btw) and always said I would get one. I was spending all my time on Cars.com, Craigslist.com and of course the infamous RX forum. Moving forward 11 years and I bought my 2004 GT, months later (after parking it for winter), I had given my mother a lump some of money to continue paying my car payment (as she was the Co-Signer). However, she felt it would be better spent, on booze, cigarettes, and to help my step-father put a down payment on his 2016 GTI R. My car obviously got repoed (without my knowledge, actually) Fast forward to the present, I have just bought my 04 RX-8 for insanely cheap. I have done a ridiculous amount of work in the three weeks I’ve had it. (Listed Below) Needless to say, I love RX-8’s (and of course 7’s too!) and here’s *to the best of my knowledge* the history of mine and the work done so far.. **WILL BE UPDATED** VIN #: JM1FE17N540121681 2004 Mazda RX-8 (Black) •Bought new for $38,685 at a Mazda Dealership in California (2004) •Car was shipped to Hudson Valley, NY (2007) •Car sold to Ed (Police Officer) in Hudson Valley (2007) •Car was totaled from a tree falling on it. (2008) •Car was repaired (2008) •Car apparently had JDM 6AT Swapped (Has Reciepts, Still Skeptical, We’ll See!) (2010) •Car sold to Justin in Farmington/Victor, NY (2012) •Car painted white & black (2014) •Plugs, Wires, Coils completed (2014, 50,000 miles) •Car painted grey and black (terrible paint job) •Driver rear tire shredded due to bad spring, never replaced (Nov. 2015) •Car sat (Nov. 2015-Oct. 2017) •Previous owner tried to diagnose issues, messed ALOT of things up. I (Rob Groff) bought the car, towed it home, and have worked on it every day since. (Oct. 2017) I have replaced the •Fenders (Trout’s Auto Recycling) •Bumper (NEW, POLYURETHANE) •Headlights (Trout’s Auto Recycling) •Hood and Wiper Housing (#1 Auto) •Grille Painted (Needs to be redone) •Mirrors Replaced (eBay) •Doors replaced (3/4 doors) (Trout’s Auto Recycling) Trunk lid replaced (Trout’s Auto Recycling) Taillights Replaced (eBay) Wheels and Tires Replaced LOL Mods listed in Mod list! Follow me for a cool small town Rotary build! If you’re in my Hopewell, NY area I could always use the help and guidance! :)

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