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Robert Brown

This car is currently being built in memory of my cousin Tony who passed away in a car in 2006 the we were involved in with my old 98 eclipse.


My name is Rob. I like to build and race cars. Currently i am working on this 98 ECLIPSE GSX which i plan on making it a full blown track car

Robert Brown15 days ago

Made a quick little showcase today with my eclipse

Robert Brown17 days ago

Heyyyy its been awhile but here's a little update video about my eclipse gsx

Robert Brown134 days ago

Well went to another caffeine and octane event and as usual, I was not disappointed. I also got to see @thatdudeinblue 240sx

Robert Brown162 days ago

Hey so we went to caffeine and octane and we found another fellow dsm!!! My 2 month of living here i haven't seen one besides my own

Robert Brown182 days ago

Made a quick video of my plans for my car

Robert Brown192 days ago

In this video i decided to paint my wheels a new color to give them a fresh look and i put on a new boost controller

Robert Brown198 days ago

In this video i prepped my eclipse to go to the Welcome to Atlanta car show. Had s great time at the show and seen how some of the club's like to have their cars down here

Robert Brown203 days ago

[]Mister Modtomic

Nice video. Maybe leave a little description here to let people know what they gonna see if they click through.

Robert Brown210 days ago

Robert Brown218 days ago The Black Rose gets a intake and a failed attempt to go to a car show

Robert Brown225 days ago

https://youtu. be/qJh5487w5nU


[]Mister Modtomic

Gotta love Cars & Coffee (or Caffeine & Octain)...such the diversity of both vehicles and owners! You get the weirdest combos sitting next to each other! And everybody more or less digs everybody else's stuff! BTW, I wanna see more of that Eclipse!

[]Robert Brown

Trust me there will be. I have a lot planned for it!

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