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Installed the Borla (140532) 2.5" Inlet/Outlet Cat-Back Exhaust System with ATAK Sound

[]Sac Car Scene

THose look really nice. Love the tips on them.

[]Robert Cochems

Thank you

homepage tile photo for Overkill Supercharged Camaro
Overkill Supercharged Camaro

From when I got my Stage 1 #overkillsupercharged 2014 Camaro 2LS back

homepage tile photo for SC install
SC install

Well she is almost done in the shop, she is up and running on to tuning, can't wait to see her in a

[]Robert Sixto

That should help surprise a few smug V8's!

[]Robert Cochems

Just alittle surprise for them

[]Robert Sixto

I'll bet, kudos for getting the most out of the oft overlooked v6.

[]Robert Cochems

Don't get me wrong v8s are great, but I enjoy my v6