800+ Whp
Race weight
3120 Lb
Auto 4l80e
Air to air

Bought the car from a guy that had just had a maaco paint job. It’s been a dream for a long time to have a wicked thirdgen. After having it 3 months I couldn’t wait. I saved my whole life for this. I’ve tried twice but never had the time money or both. I set a healthy budget and ordered almost every single part I would need. I pulled the car in the shop in January of 19 and got to work. I stripped the car inside and out, sandblasted the underbody, did a new undercoating, sanded and blasted the engine bay, painted it, and got to work installing and fabricating parts. I made my own turbo manifolds, learned to weld in the process. Then disaster struck. In June of 19 I was run off the interstate by a lady that was texting while on my Harley. I broke my neck in 3 places my back in two places, both shoulders, a bunch of ribs, bruised lungs and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was in the hospital over 30 days. My wife and 4 young daughters by my side every minute. I owned a small business at the time and managed it myself. Between employees stealing money and charging accounts, and ruining big jobs I had a nightmare to come back to. I started to get the business atleast sorta turned around when bam another huge disaster. My enclosed trailer with all the tools and equipment I invested my families savings into was stolen. It had only been three months since the accident. I had barely touched the car. Insurance wouldn’t cover due to circumstances and fine print somewhere. I was down and out. I had to sell parts for the car, wheels and tires, nitrous kit, tools, the welder, anything I could to try to keep the lights on. A week after the theft I went back to building power lines (IBEW journeyman lineman) out of town away from my family. I left September 15th and was gone until jan13th 20. Missed all the holidays with my wife a 4 young daughters working 7 days a week with a broken neck and back that I couldn’t tell anyone about. Jan 13th I was laid off and we hadn’t gotten close to catching up but we’re doing better, then covid 19 hit. Jobs were impossibly to find in my field. No income just a tuff year. But I used the time to get to work on the car as if it was a full time job or two. Making everything I could, I had bought lost everything up front, minus what I had to sell, I could almost finish! Not having the street wheels and tires or any front wheels and tires I had to get crafty spending money wasn’t much of an option. Somehow I managed to sell parts I didn’t absolutely need for the car to be finished and trade and do whatever to get the last few things I needed. I struggled all the way through this build. I knew nothing about ls swapping anything, I had built engines before, built a few cars and trucks but nothing to this capacity. There’s not a used but or bolt or part on this car. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams I’d ever have anything like this. The other day when I first drive it and saw it outside the shop I coulda cried. It’s beyond my hopes and dreams. And I built it. Not another soul turned a wrench on this car. I was going for pro touring with a nice interior, autocross ready and just as comfortable on the street and the drag strip. It’s definitely got more drag strip than anything else but that’s how I thought it needed to be to be competitive. The interior is custom, all the panels are new, plastics, seals, etc. I put in new carpet because I couldn’t afford a molded carpet pan and even though it’s automotive carpet it was still a nightmare to make it fit tight. I had to remove the back seats because of the 10 point cage which I was a little sad about. For one I wanted to be able to take atleast a couple of my kids at the same time but also because it doesn’t look great. I wanted it to be perfect. I’ll figure something out. I have a wishlist of 3500-5000$ but it’ll have to wait. I do however want to sell a few things to be able to afford a hood right away. The 2” cowl I have currently is hideous. I’d like a fiberglass 4”. I couldn’t put the ugly 2” on the car. I just can’t! The parts list is much longer it just takes forever to put each part number and description in. I’ll try to update it more and more. It’s pretty much brand new inside and out. The custom splitter and duckbill really make the car pop. Deciding which stripes I’m going to put on it this week. It’s between rallystripes and hockey sticks. Maybe I’ll put a parts list after this paragraph as well. Thanks for looking! I’ll add the cars social media ASAP too

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