I was never a 'truck guy'. I used to have a 2006 4Runner, followed by a 2015 4Runner TRD Pro. Both of which were great offroad rigs, but after adding hundreds of pounds of aftermarket accessories (roof top tent, winch, bumpers, rack, etc) the poor 4.0 V6 started to struggle. Average fuel consumption during that period was in the 14-15mpg range. I also ran into practical limitations where I'd want to tow a trailer or haul a piece of equipment, that were impossible for the 4Runner. During this time Ford released the Raptor and I'd always kept my eye on them, but they were beyond my budget at the time. Fast forward a couple years and Raptors have come down in price significantly (even though they still hold their value pretty well). I was able to pick up a used 2014 Raptor (last year of the Gen1 model) for a little bit more than I got for trade-in on my 4Runner, finally cementing my fate. This is now my first truck. And unlikely to be my last. :)

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Installed the ICI hidden winch kit. Fit is nearly perfect. Had to trim a little off the lower bumpe

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