After selling my Z3, I wanted to check off a car from my enthusiast's bucket list and decided on giving a rotary a try. I always like the styling of the RX-8 and prices to get into one are too appealing to pass on. I was able to find this one pretty quickly. It was a one owner car with a lot of miles, on its second engine. I reasoned that a higher mileage one spent more time on the road than in the shop, so I was not scared off. It was stock and appeared pretty well maintained, and did not exhibit any of the warning signs, so I bought it on the spot from the previous owners. My plans for the car are pretty straightforward. I would focus on fixing anything that was worn (like the shocks, some interior bits), get any maintenance items to a good baseline (like belts and hoses), and do the reliability mods first (coil packs and oil metering pump). After that, I will be moving on to suspension mods, a tune, and eventually a body kit and wheels. So far, the car has been very fun. It is my first non BMW in a decade, so it is fun to try something new. And the rotary is a very different engine to drive.

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