282 HP
324 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4056 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
16 MPG

After using my 1997 M3 for a little over a year to be my daily driver and my autocross/track day toy, I realized I needed to have one car for racing and one car for daily driving.  Originally, I intended on keeping the M3 as a track toy and picking up a 540iT as a daily driver.  That was until I was browsing one of the local Facebook classifieds groups and this 2000 540iT Dinan Stage 2 popped up.  I wasn't ready to buy a car yet, but it was something that caught my eye.  I monitored the post for a few weeks and watched the replies.  It stayed up for over a month and one person inquired about possible trades, to which the poster seemed willing to hear him out privately.  I took this as a signal that he would be open to the idea of trading my M3 for his wagon.  A couple of quick messages back and forth and we came to an agreement: a straight trade for the cars!  My friend and I trekked down the coast and a few hours later we were back on the road in a 2000 540iT with a bunch of Dinan goodies on it.  Not a bad swap, but it did mean that I was going to need to find a different track car - a separate problem.  For now, it meant I had an awesome daily.   Of course, every used car needs something.  Little problems that didn't bother the previous owner would not be tolerated!  The first thing that needed my attention was the nasty vacuum leak that seemed to be plaguing the car.  The weird part was, it wasn't throwing a CEL.  I pulled the codes with a Peake Scanner, and sure enough, it was throwing a code.  I pulled the gauge cluster and found a nice piece of electrical tape covering the CEL light.  A quick perusal of the paperwork showed that previous previous owner had taken the car in to fix a vacuum leak, but based on what I was seeing, they were unsuccessful and took a less scrupulous route to solving the problem.  I then changed all of the gaskets, ran a smoke test, and found a leak around the fuel injector o-rings!  After changing these, the car idled perfectly and I moved on to a few other items.   M-tech rear bumper Exhaust Tip Traction Arms Guibo Transmission Fluid Change Secondary Air Pump A/C Wheel Straightening Hatch Glass Wiring Back Up Cam and Rear Trim Piece

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