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Chicago, IL
Robert Sixto15 hours ago

Don't miss out on the ongoing clearance sale of Dr. Beasley's products on the Chicago Car Life web store. Still plenty of Formula 1201 in stock, just shipping out the last Plasma Coat today! Sale only lasts until current inventory runs out. #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto2 days ago

Zoom zoom. I'll have a blog post on Windy City Miata club autocross soon! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto4 days ago

The Ferrari California is a perfect top-down grand tourer for the perfect summer day, an ideal choice for sunny Super Car Saturday earlier this month. #ChicagoCarLife california

Robert Sixto5 days ago

Don't want my Wheelwell people to miss out, having a clearance sale of Dr. Beasley's car care products, with discounts as much as 40% off and free shipping.  Head to the site to scoop the deals, sale is good on current inventory on hand only, so once supplies run out you are out of luck!

Robert Sixto5 days ago

A rare sight, a Fiat Dino at the last Super Car Saturday, and in pristine condition. #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto6 days ago

Another look back at Super Car Saturday for , the combination of chocolate bronze Rennen wheels with the heavy flake electric blue really works on this Caddy. #ChicagoCarLife v

Robert Sixto7 days ago

A look back at this month's Super Car Saturday: I just love the simple beauty of this FD RX-7, it really hasn't aged a bit. Perfection! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto8 days ago

Now this looks like an incredibly good time! More from the Windy City Miata autocross to come, full blog post will be up by the end of the week. #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto9 days ago

Another day of autocross with the Windy City Miata club, couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. I'll get a blog post up soon, sorting some technical issues. #ChicagoCarLifecene speedmotorsports

Robert Sixto11 days ago

This sweet little E30 was built for track use, and packing some extra heat! I spent some time admiring this fantastic machine and talking with it's proud owner at the last Rise and Drive meet. #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto12 days ago

Another weekend of autocross ahead, can't wait to run with the Windy City Miata club again this Sunday. #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto12 days ago

Now that's a line up, just your typical Super Car Saturday! #ChicagoCarLifesaturday

Robert Sixto13 days ago

So much to love about this widebody GTS at Super Car Saturday! #ChicagoCarLife benz

Robert Sixto13 days ago

A few band-aids and you're good to go. @gearheadworkspace won't let some minor body work interfere with getting some seat time at the track/auto-x. #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto14 days ago

One of the most bad ass wagons you can get, this CTS-V is how to have fun "adulting". More from @supercarsaturdays to come, stay tuned! #ChicagoCarLife wagon

Robert Sixto14 days ago

A trio of the new Civic Type R made an appearance at Super Car Saturday this past weekend. After decades of it being a JDM only model, I thought I'd never see the day they'd be for sale here. #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto15 days ago

One of the things I love about Rise and Drive is the variety that shows up every month. There's usually an automotive oddity or two on hand, like this 1968 Velocirex. Yes, it's completely wrapped in leather (faux leather I assumed). #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto15 days ago

The GT40 styling looks elegant, aggressive and modern, even by today's standards, still turns heads. Spotted this one at Super Car Saturday this weekend. Keep an eye out for new content on the blog soon! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto15 days ago

Another fantastic weekend, packed with cool cars of all kinds. Super Car Saturday is best Saturday! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto16 days ago

A comfy Autobahn cruiser turned fire breathing Autobahn terror! Had a good chat with @rexeroniousthe1st who brought out this beastly E Class. Check his IG out to see more of it, I know I'm curious to see just how far he pushes it! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto17 days ago

Jaw dropping color on this Aventador at Super Car Saturday! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto17 days ago

Wide af too! Quite a sight at Super Car Saturday today. #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto17 days ago

Another Super Car Saturday in the books. I'll have a bunch of shots upcoming! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto20 days ago

Even with a passenger, was quick. Fun to watch the quicker Miata's zip around those cones. Also, I may have made my tape numbers a bit too large. #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto20 days ago

Can't wait for the next autocross day, Windy City Miata club has their next event in a couple weeks. It will give me the chance for more seat time in the FC and also more time to work on my action photos, which leave much to be desired at this point. #ChicagoCarLife #Mazda

Robert Sixto24 days ago

This enormous Pontiac Executive was an imposing presence at Double K's Hooters car show. Coverage on the blog soon! #ChicagoCarLife