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Robert Sixto22 hours ago

Proving that 'classy' never goes out of style, the Packard Super 8 limo looks just as classy and luxurious as it did decades ago! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto6 days ago

Fall is upon us in Chicagoland, hoping to get some fall colors on the feed soon. This shot from Lake Forest Concourse, brief post on the blog now, hit link in bio! #ChicagoCarLifecene 430 concours2017

Robert Sixto9 days ago

What's your daily driver dream car? For me, it is Giulia QV hands down. Also, anyone else missing Super Car Saturday's? #ChicagoCarLifecene quadrifoglio

Robert Sixto11 days ago

Gorgeous weather for a cruise Chicagoland, enjoy it while it lasts! #ChicagoCarLifecene fc

Robert Sixto13 days ago

Had to post this for , doesn't get much more unique than those of the Aston Martin Zagato. See more on the blog now, link in bio. #ChicagoCarLife cene vanquish

Robert Sixto14 days ago

Automotive unicorn in the truest sense, the One:1 is just one of 7 in the world. See more on the blog now, link in bio! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto15 days ago

A bull guarding the entrance to the show. See more highlights from Lake Forest Concourse D'Elegance on the blog now. Link in bio. #ChicagoCarLifecene #Lamborghini

Robert Sixto17 days ago

Still have this beauty on my mind, what an incredible show at @lakeforestsportscars . See more on the blog now! #Chicagocarlife how

Robert Sixto20 days ago

All the automotive wonders of the world in one place, the Concourse D'Elegance at @lakeforestsportscars was an unbelievable event. A brief write up and some shots of the event are on the blog now, just follow link in bio! #ChicagoCarLifecene f40

Robert Sixto20 days ago

Hitting the blog this afternoon, my recent trip to Lake Forest Sports Cars Concourse D'Elegance. Stay tuned for more! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto21 days ago

One great aspect of Mazda's and their enthusiast community, is that they get raced. This RX-8 proudly displays it's battle scars and helmet. See more from Mazda Midwest on the blog now (link in bio). I'll have a new post up tomorrow. #ChicagoCarLife midwest


[]Ernie Szots 1 point

You've gotta love zip tie stitches!

[]Robert Sixto 1 point

I mean, you're not truly initiated until you've done a little zip tie stitching right? 😁

[]Ernie Szots 1 point

Absolutely! lol

Robert Sixto21 days ago

This Z is definitely not a Nissan. Truly impressive stuff on hand for the Lake Forest Concourse D'Elegance yesterday. I'll have a brief post on the blog shortly! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto22 days ago

An unbelievable collection of the most incredible, exclusive, and rare machines at the Lake First Forest Concourse D'Elegance today. It was frankly overwhelming, but in the best way possible. #ChicagoCarLifecene :1

Robert Sixto23 days ago

The rotary engine is alive and well, evidenced by the turn out at Mazda Midwest being overwhelmingly dorito powered. This clean FC RX-7 was one of the many, sitting pretty! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto24 days ago

Happy Friday! Head over to the blog to see more from Mazda Midwest at Humboldt Park! #ChicagoCarLifecene fb

Robert Sixto25 days ago

If you love rotary engines, Mazda Midwest meet was a very good place to be. If you love automotive unicorns, this Cosmo was in attendance as well! Head over to the blog for more! #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto26 days ago

I spent plenty of time admiring this RX-3 wagon, such an incredible build! See this and more from Mazda Midwest meet on the blog now, link in bio!

Robert Sixto26 days ago

Latest blog post is up and it's all about, Mazda! See my latest shots from last weekend's Mazda Midwest meet in Humboldt Park. Hit the link in bio... #ChicagoCarLife power

Robert Sixto27 days ago

Mazda Midwest meet coverage will be on the blog tomorrow, follow Chicago Car Life on IG or FB for ongoing updates and shots from the meet! #ChicagoCarLifecene midwest fd

Robert Sixto28 days ago

Don't forget to stop by the Chicago Car Life blog to see coverage of the Ferrari Festival! (Link in bio) #ChicagoCarLifecene

Robert Sixto28 days ago

A sea of FB RX-7's from Sunday's Midwest Mazda meet in Humboldt Park. Full coverage on the blog soon, you can see previous coverage now! #ChicagoCarLifecene fb

Robert Sixto30 days ago

The lastest on the blog is all about Ferrari, with coverage of last weekend's Ferrari Festival, be sure to check it out. #ChicagoCarLifecene festival

Robert Sixto30 days ago

Saw this breath taking Cosmo today at Mazda Midwest Meet in Humboldt Park. Loved admiring all the details on this car, as well as chatting with the owner who thankfully made the trip up from St. Louis. I'll have full coverage of the day on the blog later this week, stay tuned! #ChicagoCarLifecene cosmo

Robert Sixto30 days ago

Few cars are as iconic as the Testarossa, still impressive to see. More looks from Ferrari Festival last weekend on the blog now, link in bio! #ChicagoCarLife

Robert Sixto31 days ago

Beauty and charm, vintage Ferrari's have an abundance of both. See more of Ferrari Festival on the blog now, link in bio! #ChicagoCarLifefestival

Robert Sixto31 days ago

Gated shifter is best shifter, agree or disagree? See this and more Ferrari loveliness on the blog now. Latest Ferrari Festival coverage is on the site now, follow link in bio... #ChicagoCarLifecene

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