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I had been wanting a Jetta for a few years now, and with all the recent trouble with my last ride, a Chevy Cobalt, I decided to finally go for it. I traded in my Cobalt for more than I thought I'd get, and leased a new 2016 Jetta S w/ Technology. I've also never driven a manual car before this one, so I thought it would be best to learn sooner rather than later in my new Jetta. I don't plan on making any serious performance mods to this base model. I'll be sticking with asthetic modifications, like new lights, wheels, springs to drop an inch or so, and subtle body mods.  8/26/16 - I just received the LEDs for the DRL and Reverse Lights. Installed them quickly and saved the original bulbs. These look nice! Ordered a new shift knob, so that'll be next. 8/30/16 - Still waiting on the shift knob, but I've been having a hard time finding bumper modifications for this car. Apparently, there's no such thing available yet for the face-lifted Jettas. At least I'll go with the GLI rear diffuser and side skirts which are apparently easy to install. But those will be later. For now, I'm wondering  what I should go with next. Should I get the wheels first, or the lowering springs?

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[]Fox Nixor

This is a very well done build!!! Very similar to what I would have done. I recommend getting the rims and tires first before the lower (if you haven't already done that). I LOVE the laser blue of the mk5 and 6. I have a mk5 in that color. Check out my moonrock silver mk6 and tell me what you think of my mods so far. I'd love to hear your feedback!!! Ü

[]Roberto Plasencia Jr

Thanks! The wheels on her now are what I'm sticking with, at least for a while. They're OEMs from a Jetta Sport, I originally had the 15" steelies with hubcaps. I have the coilovers but just need to install. The color is actually silk blue metallic and the pictures here have a mild filter that make it "pop" a little more.

[]Fox Nixor

Wow. The silk blue isn't a bad color but without those filters on eyes it isn't that rich. lol. I knew they brought back the laser blue in 16 and 17 which is a much richer color. I saw the sport rims and wasn't sure what you'd want to replace them with as they look nice. I have the joda rims on my 14 mk6 but in 16 they blacked out the inside spokes fur a more sinister look. The ones I have look really nice but I preferred the sinister look over nice. But your build is great. Keep up the good morning messages mods!!!!

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