200 HP
142 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2,650 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
6,5 Seconds

Got a job back in 2014 so i needed a car that's reliable. My family always had Renaults and i wasnt really into cars so first off, i thought getting a Renault would be a clever choice. After a while of searching and not finding anything i like, i started searching for Hondas cuz i had always heard that loads of people hated them so i wanted to know what that fuss was about. Looked around for a little bit, found this car, absolutely loved the color of it, went to check it out, took it for a spin, bought it the day after. If it wasnt for this car, i would never have gotten into the automotive scene and driving. It might not be perfect (scratches and bumps, all that jazz), be slow as fuck in a straight line (not anymore) but its handling really makes it loads of fun to drive down the Eifel hills! now for some plans: -planning to K20 swap (CHECK) and build it (all motor)(hopefully starting this winter (indeed i did)) -decent adjustable suspension (CHECK) -lighter wheels (CHECK) -struts and braces

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[]Ernie Szots

Super tasteful. I absolutely love it.

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