246 WHP
164 TQ
Curb Weight
2,639 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25/30 MPG

This is a 2001 Acura Integra Type-R badge #0460 finished in Phoenix Yellow. Except for the front bumper, all body panels are original with matching VINs. The paint is showing it's age and I do plan on refreshing the beautiful Phoenix Yellow color sometime in the future. I got her in late 2007 and am the third owner. She's been a registered California car her whole life. Until recently, she's been N/A and mostly stock as she was my daily driver. I picked up a brand new FB6 (2012 Si Sedan) to daily and now the DC2 is a garage queen (and my fun weekend car). For my first build I decided to pick up a Jackson Racing Supercharger kit thinking I can stay CARB legal (I'm in California) while making her a lot more fun. Fast forward a year later, after a couple of belt slips, LOTS of heat soak and a disappointing dyno tune, I have sold off the supercharger. The car felt sluggish with the supercharger! As a side effect of the supercharger build, I am addicted to boost. 190bhp / 130tq is not enough for me. Especially when all these young bucks are driving turbocharged cars ... it makes my car feel really outdated in terms of power. So now I decided to go the route I should have gone with in the beginning. I purchased a Go-Autoworks XS500 kit with the Garrett GTX2867R dual ball bearing turbo kit. I recently finished the turbo installation and ran her on the dyno (Feb 2019). She's making a modest 243.7whp at 8500 and about 155 wtq at 6900 on pump gas pushing 7 to 9 pounds of boost. This is a conservative tune on a stock B18C5. I will probably tune on E85 sometime this year (2019). My goal is to hit 350whp so I'll be building out the motor in the future to safely run at that power level. She is a staying a street car so I'm not looking for crazy power. I love canyon carving so that is where she will see most of the action. Follow "ITR Cloud" on IG (https://www.instagram.com/itr_cloud/) and Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKMDMTCG1FQx91b6y69NHQ) to keep up with my projects! Stay tuned!

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[]Sac Car Scene

I forgot about the Integra. This was such a great car.

[]Rofek S.

This is one of my favorite Honda's from the 90s. The chassis is awesome and the styling is aging very well. Still a beautiful car after almost 20 years.

[]Sac Car Scene

Totally agree.

[]Christopher McDowell El

wow a piece of machinery you don't see everyday

[]Rofek S.

Thanks! Trying my best to keep my mods simple and clean

[]Tom Armstrong


[]Rofek S.


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