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Roger Snow477 days ago

Im looking for some wheels for my 1997 miata. Does anybody what best for this car?


[]Steve Clasen

Check out They make the wheel for Spec Miata Racing. Otherwise, RPF1s are always the answer. The Advanti Storm as mentioned by Antoni Dabrowski is very popular.

[]Ernie Szots

Best is going to depend on purpose, right? Is it going to be a stance car, race car, etc.

[]Roger Snow

Its going to be my daily but i have hopes of taking it to the track one day. But i also want something that looks nice.

[]Ernie Szots

So many options. I'm a sucker for good, light weight wheels. You'll feel the benefits on the street and track, so my advice is regardless of style, consider weight when deciding.

[]Antoni Dabrowski

Advanti storm