220 HP
170 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2800 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

This is my 3rd S2000. I got my first one back in January 2006. It was an 02 Sebring silver. I kept it until late 2008 just before my first daughter was born. I contemplated getting a Porsche Boxster but landed on a BMW Z4 which as it turns out did not scratch the itch for me so I got rid of it after a couple months. I also bought an 06 Acura TL with tech pkg back in 08 after trading my wife's 07 Acura RDX. The RDX was okay, but terrible on gas and heavy - it routinely suffered from glazed brakes. Anyways we kept the TL until Feb 2016. Going back to my second S2000. I started a new job which was 45 min away so I took that commute as an opportunity to jump into another S2000. It was an 03 Silverstone. The car wasn't in the greatest shape. I think the previous owner took it apart for whatever... I kept that until fall or 2013 when this douchebag in a Nissan Leaf took avoiding action after driving way too fast for the conditions and hit me in the side breaking my passenger side Front wheel and suspension and knocking my car up onto the drivers side where it slid about 30 feet, riding the curb like a rail. I was particularly upset because I only owed a few thousand on the car and planned to start playing with it after it was paid off. Once the settlement came through I went on the hunt. I picked up this Laguna blue pearl 06 AP2 from Timmons in Long Beach. It had mild mods and about 90k mi. I bought it and have been playing with it ever since. This car is daily driven and with the exception of major head work recently it's been a good reliable car.

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[]Jeff Bowman

Clearly I’m a sucker for this type of blue lol. Great looking car!

[]Ben Moore

Awesome ride! love the color.

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