228 HP
330 LB-FT
Curb Weight
Heavy LB
Engine Size
4.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
144 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
Yes/Yes MPG

I originally purchased this car for parts, but after looking it over it was to nice to take apart. It was originally a NA Auto, after a few months of driving the headgasket popped, so I started my 1UZ-FE swap. At the time mid to late 2009 there was little info on the engine swap, and only one company making adapter plates to pair the engine with a manual trans. I purchased the wiring manuals for the cars and taught my self how to read them, and also developed a comprehensive list of inputs and outputs for all of the connectors needed to get the engine running. This started my obsession with custom wiring and eventually led me to start my company yotaconnectors. In early 2015 the amassing of parts came to a point where they could be installed, most of my cars mods are custom one offs or heavily modified bolt-ons. This is when I installed the Vortech supercharger and the DET3 piggyback. It peaked at 268 whp with 5-6psi at 6400 rpms (redline) but was on the edge. I'm still working on the DET3 configurations to gain more power reliably, I will keep tinkering until I purchase a standalone ECU. Now the car is going through another stage of its life, the supercharger is gone but a set of ITBs will be going in. The car is also running a Megasquirt ECU now! This car is my release, when I drive it I'm able to clear my mind and be nothing more than one with the road. You know you have a connection and you know your synced with a car when you can completely disassemble it, make it look better, then put it all back together and drive it anywhere.

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