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Just thought I would start a build thread on this site, since it seems to be a large and growing community full of people with the same passion, interest and hobby! I originally bought this 2008 Honda Fit last year to be my daily driver, after I had sold my 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi. To be perfectly honest, I bought this car thinking it's just going to be a temporary car until a better car pops up on the market. It didn't take long before I realized how much potential this car has. Weighing in at about 2,500lbs, this chassis just feels so rigid, and nimble. It handles amazing, even with bare minimum modifications. It is a newer Honda chassis with Macpherson struts up front, and old school torsion beam in the rear. But even then, I am able to throw this car around corners without breaking much sweat from the fear of understeer and/or oversteer. Not to mention, it is the absolute most practical Honda I've ever owned. (And I've owned a lot of Hondas). The trunk space is ridiculously large, and that's before you fold the back seats down. And speaking of the back seats, you can fold the bottom part up, and have so much room on the 2nd row of this car. It's amazing. So after a week of owning it, I've decided that I'm going to build this car. I've been wanting to build a car that can keep up with an FK8 at the track, without spending $40k. The STi was a good candidate; 300ft/lbs of torque, AWD...But the boxer engine is so brittle, I knew I'd blow it up the day I take it to the track. Plus, I'm a Honda guy. I have always been a Honda guy. As much as I want to defeat the FK8 with my own build, I would love to do that in a Honda. So this Fit is going to be it. Plan is to do K24A2 swap, and beef up the chassis, suspension and brakes. Ultimate goal is 200ft/lbs of torque, and bringing the weight of the car down to 2,200lbs or so. This plan has been set in motion, so I will post more updates soon as the build goes on!

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