268 HP
258 LB-FT
Curb Weight
~3300 LB
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type

A big change in lifestyle-- moving from a house to an apartment with only one parking spot-- required a big change in cars.  I had to say goodbye to my Challenger and VehiCROSS and replace them with one car that I could drive every day, year-round, regardless of weather. Enter the Subaru WRX: it checked all the boxes and came in at a price that would save me money. The car I picked up is a 2017 Limited, 6MT in World Rally Blue. It's a fantastic all-around car, and damn-near every time I drive it I say, "this is the best car ever." It drives great, is comfortable and easy to drive, gets great MPG, and puts a huge smile on my face. Can't ask for more than that. Read the Introduction piece on Hooniverse here: http://hooniverse.com/2016/09/14/long-term-introduction-2017-subaru-wrx-limited-6mt/

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