493 HP
516 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4235 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
14 MPG
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        2003 Mercedes 500 SL with AMG trim. It's a fast, heavy car with great handling and a very firm ride. I blew through a set of rear tires pretty fast and my wife got her first and only speeding ticket in this tank. It's surprisingly fast for being so heavy. This beauty was in the shop with a lot with electrical issues. I finally parted ways with her after AAA said I broke the record for "tows" in one year. Some of the issues were "unfixable" according to the dealership. The electronic roof was non-functional. The hydraulic ride control was faulty. The cockpit electronics were always a bit fragile. I had all of the lights turn off (internal and external) while doing 80 mph on the freeway. This happened a few times and scared the crap out of me. Thanks Mercedes! Too many expensive visits to the shop to fix the bugs. Too many bugs.

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