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        This is a 1978 Honda CB 750 K. It was pretty much stock when I found it on eBay. It was stripped down - removed the fenders, turn signals, tail light assembly and seat. Stripped the gas tank down to bare metal. Replaced the exhaust with a 4 into 1. Removed mirrors and handle bars - replaced with Renthal track style bars. New rear shocks. New Ballistic battery and Carpy battery box under the seat. Dime City flat Brat Style seat. Rear tail light is Harley style vertical set up. Seat hoop is home made. Thanks to @Cafes4sale and @GlamrockCycles (on Instagram) for a little help. Thanks to Dennis for some welding and bending on the rear hoop.More to come - she needs a muffler and some new tires soon.  

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        []Annie Laughlin

        Love this Honda!

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