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Ig: rdritchey14 Currently JR tuned to 474hp/436tq on e50, estimated easily over 500hp on e70. headlights and bracing done. Next plan is to do fuel filter ; rigid subframe collars and superpro subframe bushings. front or top mount oil cooler. Custom roll cage; motec dash; wideband GReddy vision gauges. Then sleeved and possibly closed deck motor and higher flowing heads, iag chromoly transfer gear, MPH Fabrications carbon parts and mooresport subframe. Other things on wish list. Can't decide between Revworks or IAG. If you have experience with both please let me know

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Ross Ritchey313 days ago

Repost/correction: Making 450 on e50 and 510awhp on e85 roughly. JR tuned on a mustang Dyno at Dirty Racing Products in Green Cove, Florida.

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Ross Ritchey343 days ago

2011 STI: Mikey Botti Tuned to 376 AWHP on a mustang dyno. Will be JR tuned in september W a front Mount and id1300s

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