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Meet your great great grand parents!

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Part wanted


United States

Possibly anybody selling a pair of spoon sports calipers for S2000/Civic/RSX? Shoot me a price ple

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New to Wheelwell!

[]Sammie Robertson

Glad to have you! Your car is sick! Followed :)

[]Roy Tse

Thanks for following! It's still under construction plus my wheels look like crap....I don't even want to show it to anybody! LOL!

[]Sammie Robertson

It's always a process!

[]Robert Sixto

Welcome! I always loved my old EK, but never had the hatchback version. Seeing nicely built ones like yours always tempts me to pick up another one and give it a CTR transformation!

[]Roy Tse

It's easy to find a coupe/sedan, but it's nearly impossible to find a workable hatchback around my area...not to mentioned the price for the hatch nowadays are just all over the place! I got mine about 7-8 years ago and to be honest, I still think I got ripped off! But at the very least, I'm lovin' it! =P