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RUSSELL TURNBULL'S1994 Toyota MR22dr Coupe

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1994 Toyota MR2

2dr Coupe



Horsepower268 HP
Torque248 LB-FT
Curb Weight2680 LB
DrivetrainMid-Engine, RWD
Engine Size3.5 L
Transmission Type5spd Manual
Top Speed144 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile13.42 Seconds
Zero to Sixty4.8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway):( MPG

Russell Turnbull's 1994 Toyota MR2 2dr Coupe
The Story

My 1994 US Spec MR2. It started life as a 2.2L, 135hp Non-Turbo equipped with a 4spd automatic. I bought it because it's a beautiful, straight, accident free car. In addition it's a 1994 with a solid (hardtop) roof. Very few '94's & '95's were sold in the United States, and in Canada, where I live, Toyota stopped selling the SW20 MR2 in 1993. Since 2009 I've been slowly changing, modifying and evolving the look & feel of this car to suit my needs & tastes. It sees daily driving duty six months of the year, regular autox, and many road trips (at least once a year to the Toyotafest show in Long Beach, CA - 2500mi roundtrip!). While I've tried to make it (at least semi) competitive, I've also tried to make it a comfortable and enjoyable daily driver.

Comments (41)

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Thanks all!

[]Marco Rosa 1 point

So nice

[]TheDark Pools 1 point


[]Dylan Wilson 1 point

Amazing car! Was the inspiration for me to get the kit and build my car.

[]Rob E. 3 points

sweet ride

[]Cragon McBride 4 points

This is a fantastic looking car, sir. Well done.

[]Aleksey Frenkel 2 points

Sweet build! Good job.

[]Mitchell Apex hunter 3 points

Well done. This is a swap I've considered myself. You've done it beautifully.

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Thank you kind sir!

[]Michael Gonzales 2 points

I finally forced myself to learn exactly how a Torsen diff works, very cool. In case anyone else is interested -

[]Kit Lau 2 points

Was totally expecting a rice rocket, but what a badass engine swap. Love how clean you're keeping it. Keep up the great work man, and congrats on getting featured on here!

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

I'm glad that I managed to exceed your expectations!

[]Ryan Brenner 2 points

Oh snap! You were on the smoking tire! How is the 3.5L engine treating you? Much more low end torque I imagine. I've driven the Rav4 and they are pretty sporty feeling mini-suv, but how does that feel compare to the stock 2.2L you had before?

[]Russell Turnbull 3 points

It's been great. There is no comparison to the original 2.2L! The engine has been perfectly reliable; it's been in the car and running strong for a few years now.

[]Ryan Brenner 1 point

Awesome to hear! I've always loved these types of swaps. A friend of mine back in college had a Del Sol, and swapped out the engine, drivetrain, and subframe with a Honda CRV. It was a blast, and wasn't too shabby on the rallyx.

[]Devin Liu 1 point

Love it! Looking clean

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Much appreciated

[]Christine Brynn 1 point

Hey, awesome ride! Would love to feature you on the front page of Wheelwell if you'd be down to share more of your story :) Please fill this out if you get a chance!

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Who knows. It's been many thousands of dollars over 6 years. I'd hate to add it up.

[]Andrew Farelli 1 point

What amount of money did it take in total to change this mr2 into what it is today, because this looks real nice?

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Yes I do, I mostly post autox vids:

[]Ricardo Leon 1 point

Would you happen to have a YouTube channel?

[]Albert McCracken 1 point

Very cool, MR2 brothers unite! I have a Mk1 with a 3rd Gen 3SGTE, hope to have it as well sorted as yours soon!

[]Seb Ferrara 2 points

You'r car is so cool. Really great job.

[]Frank Pineiro 2 points

love it! just saw the review. great job!

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Thank you!

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Jamie, I'm quite active with the BCMR2 club out west here.

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Thanks Rene! I can't wait to see the video on the Forester!

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

and here's some more info on the swap:

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point

Yael, here's the link to the kit:

[]Chew Mhojadee 1 point

Just saw the SmokingTire video - great looking / sounding car, man! :-D

[]Jamie Bradford 1 point

Watching Matt Farah drive this car right now on YouTube. Sweet ride, you part of mr2 club of Canada?

[]Rene Rosario 1 point

Beautiful car Russell. It was a pleasure meeting you!

[]Yael Lopez 1 point

Nice ride. I just saw your vid on SmokingTire. I own a MR2 as well just it's under repair and it's at a hold for right now due to engine problems. For the V6 swap you said there's a guy who sells the kit to do the swap? Did I hear right?

[]Ahren Ciotti 1 point

Fantastic man, truly the PERFECT MR2

[]Joseph Frascati 2 points

oh man. NA V6 and a hard top. My compliments, sir.

[]Russell Turnbull 1 point


[]Aaron Eccles 3 points

Very clean and tidy. Looks brilliant!

[]Russell Turnbull 2 points

Yes, V6. A 3.5L swap from a 2009 Rav4

[]Rob DiMascio 1 point