RUSSELL TURNBULL'S1994 Toyota MR22dr Coupe

Russell Turnbull's 1994 Toyota MR2 2dr Coupe
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1994 Toyota MR2

2dr Coupe



Horsepower268 HP
Torque248 LB-FT
Curb Weight2680 LB
DrivetrainMid-Engine, RWD
Engine Size3.5 L
Transmission Type5spd Manual
Top Speed144 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile13.42 Seconds
Zero to Sixty4.8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway):( MPG

The Story

My 1994 US Spec MR2. It started life as a 2.2L, 135hp Non-Turbo equipped with a 4spd automatic. I bought it because it's a beautiful, straight, accident free car. In addition it's a 1994 with a solid (hardtop) roof. Very few '94's & '95's were sold in the United States, and in Canada, where I live, Toyota stopped selling the SW20 MR2 in 1993. Since 2009 I've been slowly changing, modifying and evolving the look & feel of this car to suit my needs & tastes. It sees daily driving duty six months of the year, regular autox, and many road trips (at least once a year to the Toyotafest show in Long Beach, CA - 2500mi roundtrip!). While I've tried to make it (at least semi) competitive, I've also tried to make it a comfortable and enjoyable daily driver.

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[]Terrence O'leary

Those side graphics are so awesome

[]Nicholas Gallman

Hi, Russ. can you please tell me what exhaust you are running in your Youtube "white stallion" video? I'm almost done with my 2GRFE swap and I want a muffler setup that is as inconspicuous as the stock unit. In your video, I'm referring to the muffler unit you have in this frame : . It seems to have the stock muffler orientation, unlike the Berk unit which to me is hideous and hangs from below the car like a set of Cow utters!! Please let me know. Also... which brand rear side-skirts are those? I can't find anything like them. Thanks!

[]Nicholas Gallman

I think what you have is this: . But $10,000.00??? Can that be right for an MR2 exhaust??

[]Russell Turnbull

I recently found out about a similar exhaust from Rat2 Motorsports in Washington, their Street Dual Exhaust, they have a video on their youtube page.

[]Russell Turnbull

Hey Nicholas, you are correct. I have the TCS Motorsports Greddy SP replica. I bought it on the initial group buy, and it certainly didn't cost $10k. It is completely custom made through TCS, and a limited run. I think they put the $10k there as that's probably what it would take to build another limited run of exhaust systems. Although it took a while to get the thing made, and it wasn't cheap, I do agree that it looks & sounds great. I did have a custom y-pipe made up by a local shop.

The rear skirt add on's are from Bomex. They don't come up for sale very often, but I really like the look of them.

[]Nicholas Gallman

Thanks, Russ. I'll have to see what I can do to get an exhaust with the same profile. As for the Bomex... is this it:

Another question... did you fab an intake or purchase one? If you purchased one... which one? I ask because the stock airbox from my donor car (2005 Avalon) just isn't going to work, but whatever I use needs to support the mounting points for the MAF sensor. I bought a K&N intake for a 2007 Camry 3.5 v6 which I hope will work. Just curious as to what you used on your swap.


[]Russell Turnbull

Yes, those are the same Bomex rears. For an intake, I found a deal on a K&N full intake kit made for a Camry.

[]Nicholas Gallman

First, thanks for taking the time out to help me wrap up this swap. Your car is what inspired me, as I immediately pulled the trigger on an NA MR2 and wrecked Avalon donor when I saw your youtube video feature.

I actually purchased the K&N intake system for a 2007 Camry 3.5 V6, so maybe we have the same thing, but in your photos of the engine bay, your intake seems to extend all the way to the fender where the fresh are pipes in. What I ordered is considerably shorter than that.

Did you use something to extend from the throttle body (that black, rubber looking pipe) and then insert the Camry intake into the end of it?

Finally... what brand side-skirts are those you have? Looks like a Duraflex Type-T side-skirt.

Thanks, Russ!

[]Russell Turnbull

Thanks, and no problem, I'm always happy to talk MR2's. It sounds like your build will look great.
I used a different coupler to the throttle body. It probably came from It's still pretty far from the vent on that side though. The side skirts are Greddy replicas made by Shine Auto.

[]Nicholas Gallman

Just checked out . Brilliant! Thanks so much. This will solve my issue.

[]Jacob Arici

Hey Russ, I'm currently attempting a v6 swap in my 93 mr2 NA. What's tips or concerns do you have that I should keep in mind while doing this build. Also could I get the information for the guy who did your wire harness and any other Custom work needed?

[]Russell Turnbull

Hi Jacob. most of it is pretty straight forward. Take your time trimming/grinding the transmission for a nice fit. You can get the wiring harness done by Doug @ The custom y-pipe can be a challenge, take it to the best place you can find if you aren't doing it yourself.

[]Russell Turnbull

Thanks all!

[]Marco Rosa

So nice

[]TheDark Pools


[]Dylan Wilson

Amazing car! Was the inspiration for me to get the kit and build my car.

[]Rob E.

sweet ride

[]Cragon McBride

This is a fantastic looking car, sir. Well done.

[]Aleksey Frenkel

Sweet build! Good job.

[]Mitchell Apex hunter

Well done. This is a swap I've considered myself. You've done it beautifully.

[]Russell Turnbull

Thank you kind sir!

[]Michael Gonzales

I finally forced myself to learn exactly how a Torsen diff works, very cool. In case anyone else is interested -

[]Kit Lau

Was totally expecting a rice rocket, but what a badass engine swap. Love how clean you're keeping it. Keep up the great work man, and congrats on getting featured on here!

[]Russell Turnbull

I'm glad that I managed to exceed your expectations!

[]Ryan Brenner

Oh snap! You were on the smoking tire! How is the 3.5L engine treating you? Much more low end torque I imagine. I've driven the Rav4 and they are pretty sporty feeling mini-suv, but how does that feel compare to the stock 2.2L you had before?

[]Russell Turnbull

It's been great. There is no comparison to the original 2.2L! The engine has been perfectly reliable; it's been in the car and running strong for a few years now.

[]Ryan Brenner

Awesome to hear! I've always loved these types of swaps. A friend of mine back in college had a Del Sol, and swapped out the engine, drivetrain, and subframe with a Honda CRV. It was a blast, and wasn't too shabby on the rallyx.

[]Devin Liu

Love it! Looking clean

[]Russell Turnbull

Much appreciated

[]Christine Brynn

Hey, awesome ride! Would love to feature you on the front page of Wheelwell if you'd be down to share more of your story :) Please fill this out if you get a chance!

[]Russell Turnbull

[]Russell Turnbull

Who knows. It's been many thousands of dollars over 6 years. I'd hate to add it up.

[]Andrew Farelli

What amount of money did it take in total to change this mr2 into what it is today, because this looks real nice?

[]Russell Turnbull

Yes I do, I mostly post autox vids:

[]Ricardo Leon

Would you happen to have a YouTube channel?

[]Albert McCracken

Very cool, MR2 brothers unite! I have a Mk1 with a 3rd Gen 3SGTE, hope to have it as well sorted as yours soon!

[]Seb Ferrara

You'r car is so cool. Really great job.

[]Frank Pineiro

love it! just saw the review. great job!

[]Russell Turnbull

Thank you!

[]Russell Turnbull

Jamie, I'm quite active with the BCMR2 club out west here.

[]Russell Turnbull

Thanks Rene! I can't wait to see the video on the Forester!

[]Russell Turnbull

and here's some more info on the swap:

[]Russell Turnbull

Yael, here's the link to the kit:

[]Chew Mhojadee

Just saw the SmokingTire video - great looking / sounding car, man! :-D

[]Jamie Bradford

Watching Matt Farah drive this car right now on YouTube. Sweet ride, you part of mr2 club of Canada?

[]Rene Rosario

Beautiful car Russell. It was a pleasure meeting you!

[]Yael Lopez

Nice ride. I just saw your vid on SmokingTire. I own a MR2 as well just it's under repair and it's at a hold for right now due to engine problems. For the V6 swap you said there's a guy who sells the kit to do the swap? Did I hear right?

[]Ahren Ciotti

Fantastic man, truly the PERFECT MR2

[]Joseph Frascati

oh man. NA V6 and a hard top. My compliments, sir.

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