100 HP
100 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2715 LB
Engine Size
2.2Liter L
Transmission Type
Manual 5Spd
Zero to Sixty
Forever Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
22/25 MPG

I bought this car from a friend of a friend, it had been sitting behind his family's business for 5 years, deteriorating from lack of owner care. $500 later, it was mine. I pushed it into the garage and checked the fluids. surprisingly all were full, though none looked in good shape. Connected Jumper cables and it started on 5 year old fuel. The transmission was grumbly, the rear diff was an open diff, the brakes were completely useless. but the engine ran, and surprisingly well . I believe the engine is the factory unit, with factory head gaskets (graphite style) and it just (1/28/2017) ticked over 229,000 miles. Since buying it I have changed every single piece of the suspension, some twice or more (suspension tuning can be a bitch), the transmission is one from an RS (4.111 final drive) the brakes were regular L units, then I installed RS units (with rear disk conversion), then I upgraded again to 4/2 Pot '06 WRX units. The interior is either RS grey pieces, or flaking black paint over tan (thanks to the previous owner). eventually I'll get around to swapping all of the interior for grey/black.

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