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Got this gem for $500 and it had a misfire. It wouldn't pass emissions where I was living at the time. One new coil pack later I felt pretty good about my most recent flipper to make a buck to keep funding my project at the time. (Building a 2jz RA65 celica GTS coupe). After driving it around a bit and going out and having some blues brothers fun with it around some corners. It became apparent to me that this car felt so natural sideways. I know what you guys are saying, "Duh Ryan haven't you ever seen police chases in the movies?" I developed an appreciation for how this big boat had great #selfsteer and from there my aforementioned friend Derek shoved me down the rabbit hole of the internet and parts catalogs when he jokingly told me to drift the cop car instead. A few months later and I was the second manual Crown Vic in my area. With a bunch of help from the Crown Vic guru Pier in Canada and tuning help from the man himself "Marty" ya'll in the panther (crown vic) community know or need to know this man, his brilliant work, and customer service. I was in business. The car has performed wonderfully at more than 20 drift events over the last 2 seasons. It is extremely robust and I love loading it with tires and tools, driving to the track, drift all day. Then load it with dead tires and drive it back home with the A/C on. With more mods going on and power upgrades soon to follow I cant help but share this awesome, big body, 4door, v8, manual transmission swapped, bald eagle screaming machine.

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