190 HP
200 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2500 LB
Engine Size
2.7 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
7 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
14/20 MPG

The whole car started as a father/son project for my first car. A shop told my dad that if he took it out of there he could grab it for $50. So once he brought the car home we began working on getting this car running. It had the old eta motor. My dad planned on keeping it until I got used to the car, but he ended up breaking a wrist pin and he started to build the stroker motor for my car. So after we got all of the suspension settled we took a weekend and swapped in the new stroker motor. Once all that was nice running how it was supposed to I started saving up for paint and a late bumper swap. Now this is how the car turned out after a year. 

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[]Tanner Ravsten

I've gotta ask, where did you find that dash mat?

[]Brayen Imani

What exhaust system do you run @ryanbledsoe

[]Mohammed Saleh

What offset do you have on your wheels? @ryanbledsoe

[]Ryan Bledsoe

no i dont

[]Mohammed Saleh

Do you rub with those wheels? @ryanbledsoe

[]Ayden Harle

Hi my name is ayden. ive basicly got the exact same story as you! i just baught a 1989 bmw 325i e30 with a M50B25 engine swap in it. i was wondering what engine and exaust you run because it sounds amazing!

[]Joshua Knutson

@ryanbledsoe first thing is first thank you for allowing the YouTube review team review your beautiful machine. You have been one of the people to help me decide on my next car/build and this video has secured my decision

[]Jake Ahlerich

What top rack?

[]Ryan Bledsoe

Jnc004 16x8.5

[]Eric Anderson

What wheels are those?

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