0 HP
Curb Weight
0 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)

I bought my E30 while I was stationed in Germany, it is a 1988 325i Euro Spec. I had to take a two hour train ride to pick up the car and paid $2300 for it. I fell in love with the E30 after watching the Youtube video of Kameron Baker's Turbo M20. I just love the look of the E30, its something about the body lines and just unique look that keeps me coming back for more. The attention the car gets is absolutely amazing everywhere I go people are always giving the car compliments. Personally I think the car has been tastefully modified, with many hours spent researching different parts and how well they work. Although I have made some mistakes along the way. The first modification that had to be done was changing of the wheels, because the wheels on the car were hideous so I went with some 17's that had some terrible tires on them but they worked for the time being. After the issue started with the incorrect idling, and I exhausted all options the car was finally fixed and back on the road. Sometime after that the head gasket blew so the car was torn down and the head was taken to get checked, well it ended up being warped, having a bad cam yielding the valve train useless so that led to me ordering new parts from IEmotorsports. Without going into great detail this is how it all started. The modification list is now very lengthy and has cost me a lot of money. Out all of the mods I have done the best one so far is the cam and head work. Overall the car is a total enjoyment with many hiccups along the way, it always seems I am breaking something.

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